Marketing Officer

We are Citizens of Cyber, our mission is to bring together cyber-specialists and connect individuals and professional bodies, to support and assist in cyber-education and the development of safer online practices, aimed at people of all ages and knowledge levels.

We wish to use our professional network to keep up to date with the activities of hackers and online scammers and produce resources for use by schools, groups, and individuals, whether online, offline, or through face-to-face sessions.

We want cyber-users to know how to protect themselves and others online, whilst being confident and making the best of their online interactions, and still remain within the confines of the law while doing so. In addition, we aim to ensure that support is available for anyone affected by negative interactions online and to help anyone who finds themselves in cyber-related difficulties.

Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do and it is important for us to ensure we provide the best working environment possible. Volunteers work remotely during hours they set, our team focuses on ensuring clear deliverables are identified and agreed to allow volunteers to manage their own time. Meetings with the whole team will be held regularly to make sure everyone knows each other and work together.

Duties and Responsibilities would be, and not restricted to:

  • Research and analyses market trends, competitor offerings, demographics, and other information that affects marketing strategies;
  • Uses research findings and analysis to provide direction to marketing managers regarding upcoming marketing projects, new products or services, and overall strategy;
  • Identifies areas for improvement in product offerings, marketing strategy, and promotional activities;
  • Adheres to and implements all company policies and procedures;
  • Create engaging, informative and easy-to-digest content;
  • Edit, proofread and paraphrase draft resources developed by Citizens Of Cyber;
  • Work closely with Social Media Officer to increase engagement and awareness on social media platforms and other means of communication;
  • Collaborate with Social Media Officer, Designer, Web Master and other involved parties to ensure the best possible outcome;
  • Assist in creation of a monthly newsletter, brochures, leaflets and other important messages, notifications, announcements, in collaboration with CEO and Web Master;

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