Prevention & Early Detection Patient & Public Review Panel Members & Co-Chairs

30 Sep 2021
15 Oct 2021
Hours per month
1 to 10 hours
Long Term

We’re creating a review panel that will support both our Early Detection and Diagnosis Committee (EDDRC) and Prevention and Population Research Committee (PPRC). You’ll help make sure we’re reviewing new research applications to a high standard, providing valuable, a non-expert perspective on the submissions before we make funding decisions.

About the panel:

We're looking for 10 panel members who'll be made up of people affected by cancer and the general public. The panel will look at the relevance of research from a patient/public prospective and give thoughts on the potential impact this research could have for future generations. 

In addition, 2 Co-Chairs will be responsible for representing the views of the entire panel at our funding committees – this advert is for both roles; panel members and Co-Chairs.

We’re hoping to create as diverse a panel as possible to include a real range of perspectives, so we’d particularly welcome applications from people from a Black and Asian ethnic background and people under 30 to ensure your views are represented. 

What will the role involve?

  • Attend and take an active part in 2 virtual panel meetings per year. Constructively sharing your thoughts and listening to other people’s opinions.
  • You'll need to read the funding applications, involvement plans and lay summaries beforehand, thinking about any constructive feedback in advance and relevance of this research to you as patients/public.
  • You'll be asked to respect Cancer Research UK’s confidentiality and raise any conflicts of interest if you have any. 
  • When needed, you'll also be asked to take part in discussions relating to topics raised within the meetings.  

In addition, Co-Chairs, will:

  • Attend up to 4 EDDRC and PPRC Committee meetings per year where you and your co-chair will act as the spokespeople and representative of the panel and summarise their views.  These meetings will be in East London (Stratford) once it’s safe to meet in person.
  • Complete a short report template for each research application following the review panel meeting (meeting recordings will be available alongside note-taking from CRUK).

What's required for this role?

  • Experience of cancer, either personally or through a loved one, or experience of a high risk of developing cancer OR member of the public with interest in barriers to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and ways to overcome them. 
  • An interest in research (but no professional or volunteer experience needed).
  • An interest in keeping up to date with issues that are important to people affected by cancer and the public, in particular around research and healthcare.
  • An ability to consider the needs of a range of people and can remain objective.
  • An ability to understand and summarise information from documents in set time frames. 
  • An understanding of ways of working that facilitate equality, diversity and inclusion (often referred to as EDI) principles.
  • A good internet connection to enable you to take part in meetings and receive and review documents online.

You do not need to have: 

  • A research, scientific or healthcare background 
  • Experience of review panels, patient/public representative or other volunteer roles.  

Support offered:

We’re arranging an induction day for all the panel to meet (virtually). You’ll also receive an induction pack and you’ll receive on-going support from the Prevention and Early Detection programme managers.


In accordance with our involvement payment policies, Panel and Committee members can claim payment (honorarium) in recognition of the time spent attending virtual and in-person meetings and for completing the meeting pre-work and reviewing applications. The following payments will be offered to everyone:

  • All Patient and Public Panel Members and the Co-Chairs: offered honorarium for all involvement, including meeting time and any preparation as per our involvement payment policy (£30 for 2 hours, £50 for 4 hours, £80 for full day).  Spend about 1 hour reviewing each application and we would offer a maximum of £200 honorarium per round. In addition, we will offer a £5 virtual meeting allowance (£5 per meeting).
  • 2x Co-Chairs at the research committee meetings: £300/full day for research committee meeting (or £150 for half day).

Please note: claiming is optional and may affect benefits/tax.

Travel expenses:

CRUK will cover any travel, accommodation and reasonable expenses in according with our payment policy. We will book these in advance for you.

Equal Opportunities and diversity:

At CRUK, we're committed to creating an inclusive space to involve all people affected by cancer, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion or belief. We respect, champion and value the visible and invisible differences between each other.

We actively encourage applications from people of all backgrounds and cultures and believe that a range of views and insight will help us represent all people affected by cancer and the general public.

We are able to make reasonable accessibility adjustments for people who need them. Please let us know if this is the case.

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