Volunteer Van Driver

4 Van Hubs in Ipswich, Coventry, Maidstone and Farnham
11 Feb 2019
11 May 2019
Long Term

The role of the driver is to drive one of the 3 TWAM vans around the relevant area to collect loads of donated tools from TWAM collectors or members of the public who have large amounts to be donated. The role of the loader is to assist the driver with loading the tools onto the van and unloading at the relevant refurbishment centres.

Whilst the vans cover large parts of England and Wales, due to the logistics of collecting and dropping off the van, prospective volunteers will realistically need to be close to one of our van hubs in Ipswich, Coventry, Maidstone and Farnham.

Typical Tasks will include

Driving one of the TWAM vans on a defined route to collection points
Helping load the van at the visits and with the loading and unloading of the van at the refurbishment centre
Carrying out relevant pre and post trip checks and recording in the journey log

You need to have a friendly and welcoming personality and be willing to spend long periods working alone (there will not always be a loader). You need to be a competent driver ideally with a clean licence (although some minor motoring offences may be acceptable) and we will normally ask a new driver to undergo a driving assessment. You need to enjoy driving and be happy to travel long distances. You need to be reasonably physically fit for either role as the loads of tools can be heavy.

We provide a full induction and a volunteer handbook on starting. The induction will include all van checks. We will normally ask all new drivers to go out at least once with an experienced driver. You will have a named contact within TWAM for any questions or problems and further training can be provided as required. You will also be given a TWAM Polo Shirt and Fleece to wear.
From the role, you will gain a warm satisfaction at the difference you are making to peoples lives. You will also have opportunities if you wish to learn new skills. We will provide a reference if required for a future employer or other organisation

Further information about this and our other volunteering roles can be found on our dedicated volunteering website www.timefortwam.uk

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