Volunteer Speaker

11 Feb 2019
11 May 2019
Hours per month
1 to 10 hours
Long Term

The role of the TWAM speaker is to talk to groups in your local community leaving them with the challenge to support TWAM through tool collections, financial provision or by volunteering. The groups you speak to will be diverse in nature and could include churches schools, Rotary Clubs and many others.

The role is available throughout England, Wales and Scotland as we seek to grow our speaker network. You will be collecting in your general geographical area but how far you go is up to you as you are free to accept or decline talk requests as you wish.

Typical tasks may include

  • Taking calls and emails from members of the public and arranging talk engagements
  • Preparing a presentation and ensuring you have sufficient supplies of all literature you may need
  • Carrying out the talk leaving groups with the challenge to support TWAM
  • Passing on any donations made by the group to Head Office for thank you letters to be prepared
  • If tools have been provided, arranging for the local collector or TWAM van to pick up from you or following up in a few weeks and arranging a pick up if a collection is being made.

You need to have a friendly and welcoming personality as you will be the face of TWAM to members of the Public. You need to be willing to travel a little as at present our speaker coverage does not cover all areas of the UK. You need to be happy to be out front and to enjoy public speaking being able to deliver a talk or a sermon with passion. Ideally, you will be familiar with Powerpoint and modern media methods as these will be expected by many groups.

We provide an induction to the role which may be either over the phone, electronically or in person and a volunteer handbook on starting. You will have a named contact within TWAM for any questions or problems and further training can be provided as required. You will also be given a TWAM Polo Shirt to wear and an ID Card if required. A Speaker pack will also be provided which includes presentations on a memory stick, written narratives for presentations, Pictures and Posters and examples of our publicity material (of which you can obtain larger quantities from Head Office)
From the role, you will gain a warm satisfaction at the difference you are making to peoples lives. You will also have opportunities if you wish to learn new skills. We will provide a reference if required for a future employer or other organisation

For further information about this role, and other volunteering positions available with TWAM, please see our dedicated volunteering website www.timefortwam.uk

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