Volunteer River Guardian

Wilmslow, Cheshire
Volunteer role
17 Jan 2019
17 Apr 2019
Hours per month
1 to 10 hours, 10 to 20 hours
Long Term

We will be putting 'Citizen Science' into action and learning how to test water for chemicals, pH and temperature. Attendees will be encouraged to ’Adopt a Spot’ along a river or stream near them, and become a River Guardian.

Volunteers are invited to attend a training day on Wednesday 30th January, 10am to 3pm at Wilmslow Parish Hall, SK9 4AA. The training will enable volunteers to be able to safely approach and take small water samples from local ponds, rivers or streams, and using test kits provided, determine phosphate and nitrate levels, as well as test for pH, temperature and look for any visible pollution in the area. River Guardian Volunteers will be asked to carry out tests at least once a month on a waterbody near where they live, and submit results online or via smartphones using an app. The results of these surveys help us to determine where water quality is poor and where we could work make a difference to improve water quality or the local environment. By doing this work River Guardians have helped direct a lot of work to prevent further water pollution.

No qualifications or skills are required. All equipment will be provided but must have suitable outdoor clothing and sturdy shoes. Must also have access to internet or a smart phone to be able to submit results of the surveys online.

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