Twickenham, London (Greater) TW1 2AR
This a voluntary post
22 Nov 2018
22 Jan 2019
Hours per month
10 to 20 hours
Long Term

Purpose of the job: A Trustee (and company director) of the charity with particular responsibility for overview and direction of the finances of the organization.
Role: Non-executive role as Trustee and Board member. The particular finance responsibilities make this a relatively ‘hands-on’ role, working with management to see that they, supported by an accountant / bookkeeper, are generating and reviewing the kind of information and reporting that they require to run the charity effectively.
Commitment: 2 FTE days per month
Reporting Structure As a Board member this role is necessarily independent of line management, but must work closely with the CEO and management team to see that appropriate controls are in place and information is produced.

“No child should grow up alone

StreetInvest offers a scalable, global response for the world’s most vulnerable and excluded children through networks of local NGOs in Asia, East Africa, West Africa, Central America and Europe. Last year, 20 organisations in nine countries provided direct support to over 25,000 children. Our latest programme is here in the UK.
StreetInvest is an expert in “Street Work”, a distinct form of youth work which promotes positive growth and development of each child and reduces stigma and discrimination towards them. Street Work takes place where the young person is, both geographically (e.g. on the streets) and in terms of their values, issues and ambitions. It is characterised by an empowering interaction between children and trained adult street workers founded upon a relationship of trust.
Street Work is the first step to positive change in a young life so that they are safer, have greater access to services and resources, and have a stronger sense of belonging to and within their community.


1. Trustee and Company director. To have joint responsibility with other Board members for:

  • Ensuring compliance with the charity’s governing document, charity law and company law.
  • Maintenance of proper financial controls and proper application of funds.
  • Setting and maintaining vision, mission, values and high level strategy.
  • Ensuring accountability.
  • Supporting the management of the organization.
  • Drawing up and monitoring policies as necessary to ensure the effective operation of the organization.
  •  Reviewing and monitoring risk.

2. Overview of finance

  • Oversee the financial affairs of the organization and see they are legal, constitutional and that reporting meets accepted accounting practice.
  • Ensure proper records and controls are in place.
  • Monitor and report on the financial health of the organisation.
  • Oversee the production of necessary financial reports and returns and accounts.
  • Lead on development of finance policies.

3. Finance management

  • Oversee the accountant ensuring resource is adequate and records and reporting are up to date.
  • Direct the accountant in the production of management and statutory accounts.
  • Work with management on the structure and design of the annual budget.
  • Review and, as necessary, engage in production of cash flow projections, cash management and management of foreign exchange risk.
  • Lead on development of the finance framework and controls.
  • Advise management on handling finance management issues involving partners and grant makers.

Essential Qualifications and Skills / Attributes:
Qualified accountant
Experienced finance manager
Strong numeracy and analytical skills
Good written and verbal communication skills
Alignment with StreetInvest’s Mission and Values.

Desirable Qualifications and Experience:
Experience of charities
Experience of working in an international organisation
Experience of working in a small organisation

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