Volunteer Branch Secretary

South West London
30 Mar 2018
30 Jun 2018
Hours per month
20 to 30 hours
Long Term

SSAFA is a national charity helping and supporting those who serve in our Armed Forces, those who used to serve and the families of both

As Secretary you will be responsible for the day to day organisation of SSAFA support in your local area. This is a varied role with some involvement in many aspects of our work, especially providing guidance to all volunteers to make sure that we provide a high standard of support. This includes matching up our volunteers with the clients they will work with and you’ll need to manage their workload along with your own. What makes volunteering with SSAFA special is that in all areas of your role you’ll get to see first hand the difference you make to people’s lives.

This role is for someone who is skilled at building effective working relationships. You will need to help recruit volunteers and keep up-to-date with any changes to those working in your area. The Secretary also establishes and maintains links with local organisations, such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Army Welfare Service. You may also work together with SSAFA volunteers supporting those who are currently serving and their families in the local area as well as staff based at our national office in London.

The Secretary forms an important part of our team of volunteers. In your role you will provide guidance to other volunteers in your area and work with and be supported by the local Chairman.

This rewarding role is an opportunity to use your local knowledge and expertise to benefit those in your community, as well as to develop new skills and meet some inspirational people.

Duties of a Branch Secretary include:  Providing support and advice to all volunteers in the Branch, as well as managing the Branch office as appropriate.  Ensuring a high standard of casework is maintained, through monitoring and supporting caseworkers.  Organising executive meetings, the Annual General Meeting and study days (in the absence of a Training Organiser).  Maintaining supervisory oversight of training and awareness activity within the Branch.  Implementing branch policy and decisions of the branch executive committee.  Monitoring the number of volunteers in the Branch and recruiting more when necessary, to meet the needs of clients. Welcoming and introducing all new members to the team

Maintaining records of all office holders, caseworkers and other volunteers and ensuring the Central Office is kept informed of any changes within the Branch.  Delegating referrals and requests for benevolence as necessary.  Ensuring that appropriate casework records (including non grant related work) are maintained on CMS and co-ordinating annual returns and reports for the Branch Chairman to submit to Central Office within the appropriate timescales.  Establishing and maintaining links with regional staff; VSMs, RFMs and trainers plus local Service, statutory (including prisons) and voluntary organisations as well as local SSAFA Service Committees and Central Office staff.  Investigating, on direction of the branch chairman, any complaints against the branch or its members in accordance with SSAFA complaints policies and procedures.  Establishing and maintaining links with the SSAFA Homes, Houses and projects in the Branch area and providing casework support as necessary.  Collating and disseminating SSAFA and other relevant literature and materials within Branch, as well as providing support to other Branch Office Holders where applicable.  Promotion of SSAFA in the local area so that eligible persons are aware of the assistance available.  Ensuring that all data processed or held as part of the role is done so strictly in accordance with SSAFA’s data management policies and procedures.

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