Web Content Writer Volunteer

From Home or London
02 Oct 2017
02 Jan 2018
Hours per month
10 to 20 hours
Short Term

We are looking for a web content writer volunteer who wants to contribute to a great purpose of FreeHelpie by either creating new or redrafting existing content for Facebook Page and Website. This would be great for a specialist who can write in an inspiring yet structured way that draws audience in, someone with a strong SEO experience and/or Facebook Page search experience.

We don't anticipate this to take too much time, around 2-4 days. However if you would like to join our team on a long term basis we would love it too as we would welcome your expertise for our blogs in the future. 

We are based in London however you can do this from anywhere.  

About FreeHelpie.org We are a not for profit organisation who's aim is to connect skilled, experienced individuals or simply those who want to contribute to others with those in need of help. That is our soul purpose and vision, to help change the world one help at a time. 
We are run solely by volunteers, all of whom are inspired by and committed to the same vision.

About us

Free Helpie is a network of people who are helping each other entirely for free. This is through sharing their expertise, mentoring, coaching, giving a hand or helping in any means available to them. Free Helpie’s aim is for everyone to have help accessible when needed, irrespective of the resources available to them. Through this people can grow, achieve their potential and society will improve. It is a grassroot movement of members who are helping and receiving help for free and through this contribute to each other. Through this we create a generous, caring, more connected society with a common sense of purpose. 
Membership is free, everyone’s offers must be free, legal and appropriate. Free Helpie is entirely not for profit and run entirely by volunteers. 

What are we looking for

- Strong experience in web content writing, SE Optimised
- Able to write in an inspiring yet structured way
- Ability to do story based writing (optional)
- Autonomous - ability to take the brief and turn this into a content
- Team worker 
- Ability to work within deadlines

We are experienced professionals so this is a great opportunity to learn new things if you wish to, and to be involved with a start up not for profit organisation.




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