Marshall Macclesfield Marathon

Macclesfield, Cheshire
06 Sep 2017
06 Dec 2017
Hours per month
1 to 10 hours

1. Race Marshals must take up their positions as directed by their Sector Marshal no later than 30 minutes before runners are due to pass through and should remain in position until released by the Sweep Car/cycle or Sector marshal.
2. Race Marshals at road junctions must give clear directional signals to the runners.
3. Where roads are open to the public, Race Marshals will where appropriate advise runners and members of the public to take care for their safety and that of others.
4. Motorists must be dealt with diplomatically but firmly. Do not respond to adverse criticism or actions. Take note of registration if necessary and report to Chief Marshal.
5. Please ensure that you wear your race official yellow bib at all times.
6. Please offer encouragement to all runners, your support makes a massive difference.
7. In the event of injury or illness to runners or general public please immediately telephone for help using one of the emergency telephone numbers provided.
8. Ensure that no runner is being paced by a coach or bicycle if so, note their number and report to Sector Marshal
9. Race Marshals should be able to get into contact with their Sector Marshal at all times during the Race either by mobile phone or direct contact.
10. To assist in clearing the course after the event please remove any race signs in your vicinity and place them and your race bib in the area designated by your Sector marshal at the Track
11. After you have finished your duties please come back to the track for a bite to eat as a small ‘thank you’ for helping

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