Friend ( because everyone needs a friend )

Cheshire East
23 Aug 2017
23 Nov 2017
Hours per month
1 to 10 hours
Long Term

The opportunity to make friends and have fun together is as crucial for disabled children and young people as it is for anyone else. Disabled young people often face serious barriers to friendship and this can have a profound impact on their lives.
Many attend school miles from home so their school friends are at a considerable distance. Others, who attend mainstream school, are ignored or bullied because their peers do not understand their appearance, behaviour or disability or simply don’t know how to communicate with them.
For many disabled young people, life is very lonely.
FFL friends bring friendship and fun to a young person’s life by supporting group activities such as youth group, or bowling; or they meet up with a young person to do every day, community-based, activities such as going for a coffee, playing on the X-box or doing a bit of shopping.
“I am so grateful that Chris has somewhere he can go, where I know he’s safe and looked after and can have fun and socialise. He has no friends in school at the moment and this is causing a major lack of self-esteem and depression for him. Friends for Leisure gives him something to look forward to, and its lovely to hear other children shout his name and invite him over to sit next to them. 

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