Volunteer Mini Bus Drivers

Congleton, Cheshire
31 May 2017
31 Aug 2017
Public Services
Hours per month
1 to 10 hours
Short Term

Volunteer Drivers Job Spec.

To have a relatively clean driving licence (max 3 points) with D1 on it and be aged between 25 and 70.
Vehicle insurance cover would be provide by Congleton Partnership.
Training will be provided.
No set hours, they can be as little or as much that suits the individual.
They will join a pool of Volunteer Drivers (for organisations that do not have their own drivers) and will be contacted with fair warning by the organisation directly.
A list of drivers rules, a vehicle checklist and a trip/mileage document will be issued when taking a mini bus out.
All documentation, keys etc are held at New Life Church, Congleton.
Contact M. Smith 01260 270350 Ext 7 for further information.

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