The Hackney Pirates Trading Ltd is recruiting Board Directors

London (Greater)
Voluntary Role
27 Mar 2017
27 Jun 2017
Children and Youth
Hours per month
1 to 10 hours
Long Term

The Hackney Pirates is an ambitious and fast-growing organisation aiming to make a transformative impact on the learning of those children who need it most. We do that by focusing on their literacy, confidence and perseverance, building on our belief that these core skills and attributes are critical skills for learning which form the basis of broader success.

Hackney Pirates Trading Ltd is a small company, wholly owned by The Hackney Pirates (i.e. all profits are passed on to the charity), and is responsible for running the trading activities in The Ship of Adventures. This includes a high street shop and café and the hire out of the workshop spaces for meetings and events.

Hackney Pirate Trading Ltd has been running since March 2014. The operations are running smoothly now and we’re looking for directors to help us grow the trading activities and raise more income for The Hackney Pirates.

We are currently recruiting 2-3 new directors to join our trading board. There are a few areas of skills, experience and expertise that we are particularly interested in. They are:

  • Finance
  • Events management/promotion, particularly in the corporate sector
  • Knowledge/experience in community engagement
  • HR
  • Café management/food and drink
  • General marketing

In addition to any areas of expertise they may be able to contribute, the duties of a director are:

  • To ensure that the organisation complies with its governing document, organisation law, and any other relevant legislation or regulations.
  • To contribute actively to the board’s role in giving strategic direction to the organisation, setting overall policy, defining goals, setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets
  • To safeguard the good name and values of the organisation
  • To represent the organisation at functions and meetings as appropriate
  • To declare any conflict of interest while carrying out the duties of a director
  • To be collectively responsible for the actions of the organisation and other directors
  • To ensure the effective and efficient administration of the organisation
  • To abide by the equal opportunities policy
  • To ensure the financial stability of the organisation
  • To make sure the organisation is properly insured against all reasonable liabilities
  • To appoint and support the employees and monitor their performance
  • In addition to the above statutory duties of all directors, each director should use any specific knowledge or experience they have to help the board reach sound decisions. This will involve scrutinising board papers, leading discussions, focusing on key issues, and providing advice and guidance requested by the board on new initiatives, or other issues relevant to the area of, the organisation's work in which the director has special expertise
  • To attend meetings, and to read papers in advance of meetings
  • To participate in other tasks as arise from time to time, such as interviewing new staff, recruiting new board members etc.
  • To keep informed about the activities of the organisation and wider issues which affect its work

Director person specification

Each director must have:

  • Integrity
  • A commitment to the organisation and its objectives
  • An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of directorship
  • A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to their duties as a director
  • Strategic vision
  • Good, independent judgement
  • An ability to think creatively
  • Willingness to speak their mind
  • An ability to work effectively as a member of a team

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