Quality Monitoring Visitor

Locations across North West and Midlands
Voluntary position
03 Mar 2017
03 Jun 2017
Hours per month
1 to 10 hours
Long Term

Quality Monitoring Visitor 

Abbeyfield is a national charity dedicated to the care and support of older people. Our vision is ‘making time for older people’ and we see volunteers and crucial in helping us to achieve this. 

Purpose of the opportunity    

To work as part of a team dedicated to ensuring excellent standards for residents in each care home by assisting with the monitoring and inspecting of the standards in the homes and quality of care of our residents.

As part of our duty of care to residents in our Care Homes, we monitor and inspect the standards in the homes and quality of care of our residents.  Whilst our Care Home teams do this as part of their normal routine, we consider it important to include some independent opinion in this inspection and it is valuable to have volunteers participate in this.  

Volunteers provide an extra pair of eyes that can enhance the monitoring of our provision. In this role, you will:

•    Support the Business Manager to assist with monitoring the Care Homes that are managed by The Abbeyfield Society to ensure they are fully compliant with current regulatory requirements and standards.

•    Ensure they provide excellent quality services to residents

•    Provide a measure of independent opinion on quality of care

Key tasks:

•    To undertake quality monitoring  visits to Care Homes to check that the services and facilities of the Home are working well to enhance the quality of life of residents

•    To help with the process of assessing and monitoring that the service is

o    Safe

o    Effective

o    Caring

o    Responsive 

o    Well led 

•    To produce a written report following each visit detailing findings.

•    Gather current, reliable, relevant evidence to form judgements about the quality of outcomes or the experiences of residents.  This could include:

    Complaints or comments made by residents or others

    Information contained in care home records

    Observation of care practices within the care home

    Arrangements for assessing and managing risks relating to the health, safety and welfare of residents and others in the care home.

Within this role you will be volunteering at various Care Homes across the North region.

For this role, ideally you would:

•    be a detailed, organised person 

•    have a logical way of thinking

•    be a good communicator (including having good written communication skills)

We ask all our volunteers to:

•    be reliable and have the ability to relate well to others

•    have a warm, friendly, adaptable, caring approach

•    be open-minded and tolerant of different lifestyle and values

•    be able to work within personal and organisational 


7-10 hours per month minimum. 

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter expressing your interest in and suitability for the role

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