Funding for the Future

Contact: Miss Amanda Machaya

St Lawrence House
Abbey Square
United Kingdom

Tel: 07824479571


About Funding for the Future

Funding for the Future is a nonprofit organisation that provides business skills training to economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs in Harare, Zimbabwe. The program is based on a Volunteer Microenterprise Mentoring Program which links volunteer business mentors with local entrepreneurs to establish sustainable business ventures. 5.7 million people in Zimbabwe are employed in the informal sector. Unfortunately, these operators are unable to access funding from traditional capital providers because they don't have the collateral to secure these funds. Also, they find the bureaucratic nature of traditional banking too demanding & intimidating. Their lack the expertise hinders their ability to expand & grow their business; thus stunting national economic development and leaving millions of economically marginalised. Funding for the Future is a direct response to the needs of these entrepreneurs. Our mission is to engage these small business owners through our mentorship program in order to improve their knowledge of running a business, and to provide with the skills necessary to become economically sustainable. International volunteer business mentors will take part in practical and learning based training. The training is designed to cater to small businesses in Zimbabwe, and it will equip the mentors with various strategies to assist the local entrepreneurs. Once the training takes place in Harare, the mentors are matched (according to their skills and expertise) to local entrepreneurs to develop and grow sustainable business ideas. Over time, Funding for the Future will create a learning platform that will be an invaluable resource to local entrepreneurs, international volunteer mentors and the community at large.

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