Poverty Release

Contact: Mr Abiodun Alli

67-78 Hatton Gardens
United Kingdom

Tel: 448432894671

Email: abbey@povertyrelease.org

About Poverty Release

Poverty Release is an international charity organization that is working to alleviate poverty.We are fighting poverty in some of the poorest regions of the world. Our works cover a wide range of area supporting people as much as we can, from helping Hiv/aids patients to sponsoring young and vulnerable children. We also help people in getting access to essential medical supplies. We are passionate about what we do, that's the reason why every life we help is a life saved.

What makes poverty release charity different from other charities is that the people behind the charity have life experiences of what it is to be in need and how it feels to get support and assistance from people. The donations we receive are used for worthy causes all around the world. For example, your money may be used to give a family its next meal in Africa. It may be used to provide access to clean water and healthcare facilities. How about educating a child? Think about it, your money is making a difference where it is direly needed.

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